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December 2012



A Joy to work with

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Allow me to introduce Joy Belyeu.  Since March 2009, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Joy at the Farmhouse.

She came to us with catering experience and readily learned the ways of a restaurant kitchen, becoming an invaluable member of the Farmhouse team.  If Betty Williams, our primary breakfast cook for Inn at Serenbe guests, is my right hand, Joy is the left, and both ladies know how I think.  As a result, whether I’m physically in the kitchen or not is of little concern when these women are on hand.

Joy is a talented cook of both sweet and savory dishes, which is not typical, as a good cook usually specializes in one or the other.  Joy expertly has worked all stations and is currently responsible for desserts at the Farmhouse.  She also has a knack for “tweaking” a recipe, knowing instinctively what ingredient is needed to achieve the desired result.

I think of Joy as the heart and Betty (see September 25, 2012 post) the soul of the Farmhouse and Inn kitchens, respectively, and would be lost without them.  I feel blessed to have an outstanding staff.
Joy is the proud mother of four daughters, two of whom work with us at the Farmhouse.  If you’d like to meet Joy for yourself, you’ll find her at the restaurant Thursdays through Saturdays for our dinner service. 

Congratulations to The Inn at Serenbe for being named a readers’ pick in the “Best Guest Accommodations” category of Lifestyles magazine’s Winter 2012 “Best of 2012” issue.  

A standing ovation to Serenbe Playhouse for being named a readers’ pick in the “Best Place to See a Play” category.


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