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Serenbe Bed and Breakfast



September 2012



Everything’s better when Betty’s in the kitchen

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Betty Williams at home
in the Inn at Serenbe’s kitchen

In 1996, Steve and I hired Betty Williams to help with housekeeping at the Serenbe Bed and Breakfast.  When we added the conference center a year or so later, I realized I wanted assistance in the kitchen, preparing conference breakfasts and lunches.  It was then I asked Betty if she’d join me in the kitchen.  To my delight, she agreed.  Betty is a consummate professional who didn’t enter the restaurant business with professional training but, rather, brought real-world experience to the kitchen. 

Fast forward, and Betty is the lead breakfast cook for the Inn at Serenbe.  In addition, she prepares lunches for conference guests.  Her long tenure has allowed her to see the complete evolution of Serenbe, and she has watched our daughters grow from little girls to young women. 

A proud mom of four children (two sons and two daughters), Betty brings sensibility and compassion to the kitchen.  Betty is my right hand and the soul of the Inn’s kitchen.  I’m told Betty finds me “easy to be around and easy to work with;” I appreciate that immensely and feel the same about her.  And, we agree that our personalities click.      

Like her colleague at the Farmhouse, Joy, Betty’s presence provides me with peace of mind.  She follows through and knows exactly how I like the kitchen to run. 

My heartfelt thanks to Betty for being an integral member of the team and a cherished friend.