Serenbe Style and Soul

with Marie Nygren

"vidalia onions"



August 2009



Soul Food

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Soul food feeds you on lots of different levels.

It’s all about soul nourishment, when you see a thing of beauty such as a plate of tomatoes or you smell caramelized Vidalia onions cooking, it’s just another example of nourishment for your soul.
For me the kitchen is the most soulful place in the house. It is the one room where you can play to all five senses. And those five receptors are channels into the soul.
“I feel when all five senses are charged, it just opens you up to so much of the beauty of life, to the creativity of life, the joy and the fun and the grace of it all.”
How do we honor those senses everyday? For me there is no better place to honor who we are than in the kitchen.
That is what I love about the kitchen. It has always been the center of all my houses because when you are cooking, what you are really doing is sharing your heart with others.
Creating a simple nutritious meal is about caring and loving one another. It says you love yourself and your family. It tells others you want to sit down with them and hear how they are. People don’t care if you make an elaborate 10 step soup. They just want to share.
That for me is the essential part of cooking: sharing your heart and soul with another.