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August 2012



Extraordinary Customer Service

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On a recent weekend, there was a mix-up on my standing bread order for the Farmhouse.  If it were for my personal order, I wouldn’t have cared.  However, when trying to feed an Inn full of guests, not having a key ingredient, such as the bread for French toast, is more than an inconvenience…it’s a big ol’ problem! 

Because good bread is important, I buy mine from H&F Bread Co., owned by a Serenbe Southern Chef Series chef, Linton Hopkins.  Linton also owns and operates Restaurant Eugene and Holeman & Finch Public House; he’s a busy man.  I adore him and find him entertaining, immensely talented, and a tremendous businessman. 

I drove to the bakery late Saturday afternoon to pick up my order, but there was no bread for me.  Hence began the calling to find out where my order was and if I’d be able to get it in time.

If you’re a top-rated chef in Atlanta on a Saturday evening, you’re probably not the person baking bread and filling orders.  Instead, you’re in the kitchen of one of your restaurants, overseeing the start of a busy night.  Imagine my surprise when none other than Linton himself called me back to find out when I absolutely had to have my order (by Sunday morning) and assured me I’d have my bread. 

At 7:40 a.m. on Sunday, while prepping in the Farmhouse kitchen, I heard, “Bread delivery, bread delivery.”  Who should I find outside the door but Linton himself delivering my order.  I was awestruck.  He has a large staff and could have delegated this task to countless others.  He didn’t though and made it his priority to get up early on Sunday and drive to Serenbe to ensure my guests would have French toast.  I was already a big fan of Linton’s before this but am a confirmed fan for life now. 
The moral of the story is good customer service begets happy customers, and happy customers are the best kind to have.  
Here’s to Linton and H&F Bread Co. breads, which are available by the loaf on Saturdays at the Blue Eyed Daisy. 

Tune in this Friday, August 3, to Better Mornings Atlanta during the 9:00 a.m. hour on CBS.  Chef Linton and I will be doing a segment about this Sunday’s Southern Chefs Potluck at Serenbe, benefiting Wholesome Wave Georgia.  It’s not too late to purchase tickets to this limited seating event.  And, what an event it is sure to be!  Purchase your ticket today for the Southern Chefs Potluck. 

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