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September 2009



Farm to Table on CBS 46 Better Mornings

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I hope you enjoy my cooking demo from yesterday’s CBS 46 Better Morning show. We were thankful we had a chance to get some airtime because due to the Atlanta flood, most of the show was dedicated to the weather. Tracye Hutchins, one of their reporters had planned an entire Farm to Table show where Rebecca and I were to be on for several segments. 

Since this was the biggest flood in 100 years, you can understand why we were so happy to be on the show! Rebecca Williams, one of my Serenbe neighbors did a wonderful container garden presentation featuring lovely vegetables from Serenbe Farms. The beautiful containers she used were from Farmer D, Daron Joffe who was the first farmer in Serenbe!

And my cooking demo featured Kale from the Serenbe farms. One of my favorite ways to cook Kale is to sauté it in olive oil with caramelized onions and salt and pepper. So easy to make and so delicious!


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