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February 2013



Hopes and aspirations

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Probably like many of you, once the holidays are over and the decorations are packed away for safekeeping until next year, I am fully into the mode of the new year and the promise that it brings for new experiences and transformations. It’s hard not to want to “do” it all now, “fix” it all – whatever the desired fix is – and jump headfirst into making it the year I envision for myself and my family.

My aspirations and hopes for 2013 are many and varied. Some are personal and for only me to know; others, though, I’m happy to share. In doing so, perhaps we can work together and achieve some pretty remarkable feats this year collectively and personally.

I hope to sell out every Southern Chefs Series class, the proceeds of which will go to Wholesome Wave to establish chapters in other Southern states. Visit Wholesome Wave Georgia’s website to read what our local chapter is doing; you’ll be proud! It’s remarkable and inspiring what Wholesome Wave is doing to make healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables accessible and affordable to our neighbors in need. I’m proud to lend my assistance to furthering their mission.

I hope to increase my support of local businesses and encourage others to do the same. Small businesses need us as much as ever. As a small business owner, I know how impactful it is when consumers choose to give me their business. So as often as possible, I will only shop local and contract for services with area business owners.

I aspire to see the magic and beauty present in every day. It is there for all of us to see, but in the craziness that we can let life become, it’s easy to miss.

I aspire to be thankful for every day.  One of my favorite poems is “i thank You God for most this amazing” by ee cummings. (There are some YouTube postings of audio recordings of him reciting this poem; one can be found at Imagine how much more kindness we might all experience if we share this aspiration.


The rock labyrinth at Serenbe using the pattern from

Notre Dame de Chartres outside Paris     

Please consider joining me. I plan to share with you my journey in this acknowledgment of magic and beauty. Here’s to a remarkable year.

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