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June 2012



Slow Food and Serenbe

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By now you’ve probably heard of the slow food movement and its goals of sustainable foods and promotion of local businesses, with an eye on lobbying for pesticide-free farming as well as other valuable objectives.  This movement is especially relevant at Serenbe where acres of fresh-from-the-ground and just-off-the-vine organic produce are available from May until late October.  

With the Farmers Market in Serenbe in full swing and the recent opening of Fern’s Market, your ability to purchase all the ingredients for your meals is available without leaving the community. It doesn’t getting any slower, or better, than that. 

Saturdays, 9am-12pm

The beauty of having Serenbe Farms in the community is the opportunity for residents and visitors to enjoy produce picked at its peak when it has been sun ripened.  The colors, taste, and sometimes even the texture are enhanced when allowed to grow and ripen to maturity.

Now is the time to be adventurous and try types of produce you may not have experienced before.  If you’re at the Farmers Market and not sure what something is or how to prepare it, Paige, from Serenbe Farms, and her crew are happy to give suggestions.  You can also find recipes here on my blog and on the Serenbe Farms’ blog at

This is also the time to take advantage of seasonal produce and prepare it for consumption later by canning, freezing, or drying it. 

Here’s to a bountiful garden harvest. 

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