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December 2009



The "NEW" Blue Eyed Daisy

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The Serenbe bakeshop, the Blue Eyed Daisy has undergone a makeover and I must admit to being a proud mom as my daughter Kara and Serenbe resident Raina Newell have taken over management.

Our friends, Dana and David Widmer, Christy Bacon, Smith Hanes, and my family got together for a 12 hour re-do of the restaurant. Items were cleaned and rearranged, walls were displayed and stocked with Serenbe merchandise, and jars were filled  with “old-fashioned” candy.


The green cabinet was a great find from Scott’s antique market.


“You gotta do what you’ve got to do!”

I know everyone remembers this candy from their childhood, candy necklaces, saltwater taffy, rock candy and more….. what fond memories.

Cecilia Winston, another Serenbe resident will be making lots of decorated cookies, cupcakes and her fabulous homemade cheesecakes.

I hope you come by to try out the new menu featuring many new additions that many of you missed. More soups, egg salad sandwiches, new salads and lunch combos are just a few of the changes. Prices have been lowered too so drop by and let them know what you think.

Enjoying breakfast at the new Daisy.

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