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June 2012



An Interesting Thing Happened on My Way to Work…

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Something curious happens when one either moves to Serenbe or opens a business in the community (or both)…a number of people own or work at more than one enterprise here or leave rather traditional occupations for the greener pastures of Serenbe, quite literally.  The following examples are the ones I can think of at the moment.  If I’ve missed anyone, please excuse me.

Did you know our resident farmers, Paige Witherington and Justin Dansby, are Clemson University graduates with degrees in Biosystems Engineering (Paige) and Computer Science and Forestry (Justin)?  While they had promising futures in those industries, both chose to become farmers, and we are glad they did!  
Similarly, Tammi Cody of Fern’s Market is an attorney by profession.  I’m guessing shopkeeping is much more enjoyable than being and attorney, and I appreciate Tammi’s change of career. 

Garnie Nygren, not one to be satisfied with a nearly 24/7 position as Director of Operations for Serenbe, also owns the real estate office and spa here and recently opened Resource with fellow resident Monica Olsen.  Sharing retail space with Resource is Honeycomb Consignment owned by resident and Serenbe realtor Raina Newell.  

Karen Reed, Garnie and Raina’s colleague in the real estate office, also owns Twig with her husband, Tom, who is the mayor of Chattahoochee Hills.  Their Twig business retails another of the couple’s ventures, Aspen Bay Candles. 

Then, there is Kara Nygren who is a teacher at The Children’s House during the school year and the Camp Serenbe director over the summer months.  Keith Robinson, event designer and owner of Gloriosa, the exclusive special event designer for the Inn at Serenbe, also owns Repurpose.

Imagine if I tried to depict the interconnectedness of Serenbe entrepreneurs using Venn diagrams?  The resulting intersections would look like a Spirograph design. 

There is always room for more businesses at Serenbe. Put on your entrepreneurial thinking cap and join our business community.  You likely will get less sleep than you’re getting now, but you’ll join an energetic group of business owners. 

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