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Fun at the 2012 Atlanta Food & Wine Festival

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The 2nd annual Atlanta Food & Wine Festival was held May 10-13, 2012 in Midtown, and I was fortunate to be asked to be a presenter. 

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On Friday of the festival, I participated in a Cast Iron Cooking presentation.  During the class, participants learned the tricks behind cast iron cooking.  My portion of the interactive session included savory dishes as well as a lesson in the seasoning, care, and preservation of cast iron cookware. 

There were 40 to 50 participants at my demonstration.  I prepared three types of greens, three different ways:  kale with garlic and olive oil, collards with lemon onion butter sauce, and tatsoi with applewood bacon fat and vinegar. 

The demonstration highlighted the versatility of cast iron cooking as well as the beauty of using the heat of cast iron for a quick and delicious sauté of greens. 

Maybe you have an heirloom cast iron skillet or dutch oven or perhaps you’re coveting one at your favorite cookware shop.  Either way, I encourage you to give cast iron cooking a try.  I’m sure you will be pleased with the results.  For many, this cooking method will bring back memories of relatives who relied on cast iron to prepare favorite family recipes.  It’s your turn to create new memories for your relatives.

Here’s to the versatility of cast iron cooking.  Give it a try!

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