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May 2012



Blogging about the Serenbe Experience

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This is an exciting time to be living the Serenbe experience.  Since the beginning of the year, it seems something is always budding and blooming, and I don’t just mean the early spring and the advent of new growth on our plantings.  It’s also about seedlings we’ve planted by way of new growth opportunities for Serenbe in even greener living (the HGTV home and the Bosch Experience Center); more shoots breaking ground in Grange, making way for new neighbors; bigger and stronger branches on our retail trees with the addition of Twig, Elite Fitness, Fern’s Market, Resource, Honeycomb Consignment and the inaugural Stables Market as well as the nurturing of a deeper educational root, with the groundbreaking of the new building for The Children’s House. 
Marie and Steve Nygren

If you’re reading this, you’ve found I’m back to blogging.  The hiatus has me invigorated to continue sharing with residents and hopeful residents about the comings and goings of life in Serenbe, menus and happenings at the Farmhouse, our collective experience of living in the glorious South and life in general. 

For those who’ve found my site again, thanks for checking back in, and for all my new readers, I’m glad we’re now together.  Get ready for a fun and food-filled summer.  Be sure to sign up to receive e-mail alerts for future posts.  
Until then, enjoy life.  It’s all good. 

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