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January 2011



Cooking with Linton Hopkins

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What a great start to the 2011 Serenbe Southern Chef Series! Linton Hopkins from Restaurant Eugene and Holeman and Finch cooked up a great class for all the participants. Everyone was buzzing at breakfast at The Inn on Monday morning about Linton’s delicious dishes but most especially about his passion for food. Linton’s amazing knowledge about food was just one of the great aspects to his class.

On Sunday, Linton lead the class through the preparation of Cauliflower Soup, Coq Au Vin, Skillet Greens and Carolina Rice Perloo. The soup was so easy to prepare-5 ingredients only- and absolutely delicious. As was the rest of dinner. Monday morning included a beautiful composed salad with endive, radish and bleu cheese, lemon herb mushroom broth with kale bread dumplings and a lesson in biscuit making.

As I watched the goings on in my kitchen this past Sunday and Monday, there was a continual smile on my face. Everyone,including Linton and Woolery (his assistant), was having a great time. I loved watching Linton share his love for food and the class just taking it all in- getting their hands into the dumplings and biscuit dough,chopping all those vegetables and learning some new food tricks.

There is something very old and comforting in the act of cooking and eating together. And when you can share that with one of the best chefs in Atlanta, it makes for a perfect 2 days. The line up for 2011 is fabulous. I feel so honored to have the 5 chefs on the list in my kitchen sharing their love of good food with the participants. I hope you can join us for one this year.

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