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August 2009



Welcome to Serenbe style and soul

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Food has been a part of my being beginning when I was in utero. My mother, Margaret Lupo, owned a small restaurant called Margaret’s Tray shop in downtown Atlanta when she was pregnant with me. My father, Harvey Lupo, owned a produce wholesale business.

So obviously food has always been an integral part of my life. It has so many facets to it beyond cooking and eating. I love to read cookbooks, talk to our gardener about the next season’s planting, shop in food stores, plan a menu and cook for family and friends.

Food has so many nourishing aspects to it beyond just feeding our bodies. It creates an opportunity to bring people to your table and share yourself with them.

For me, cooking is a very intimate exercise and my personal way of touching their souls.

My most favorite memories and moments are times spent around a dining table. It is when we come together to nourish ourselves with the food prepared and the relationships we hold dear.

I look forward to sharing my passion about food with you. 



July 2009



Living Authentically

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“Living authentically is all about being who you are and honoring your soul.”

Henry David Thoreau once said, “our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake.”

What holds especially true for me is the essence of what this means. Serenbe is living proof you can be in your dream awake. 

“What people in other communities get from us is that it is possible. You just need the willingness and the daringness to risk doing it. You have no guarantee it will succeed, and you have to be willing to embrace that.”

“Go out and live your truest life, your own dream awake.”