Serenbe Style and Soul

with Marie Nygren



August 2009




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“Beauty does not come with a price tag”.

One of my favorite things is what I call Hi/Lo.

So often, people think that to get great style it has to be expensive. I love to tell people about my finds: a great deal on dining room chairs to go with my repurposed dining table, or that wonderful inexpensive floor lamp to add the finishing touches to a living area.
Some of the best places to shop for items that I just love are Target and Ikea. Did you know that Target on- line features eco friendly home decor at affordable prices? Or that Ikea has wonderful dining chairs to go with your dining table?
Recently we added some furniture to one of our green homes in Serenbe and came up with a wonderful mix of hi/lo. Imagine a designer dining table with $69 dining chairs from Ikea. Or a beautiful over sized wall clock for $100 from Target for a contemporary feel.
Look around you and there are so many lovely things you can add to your home to bring beauty into your life. Style doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be a reflection of who you are and what you wish to share with others.

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