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December 2009



Recipe of the month

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A winner from November will be announced shortly!

Sorry everyone, I am behind with so many holiday activities that I have yet to pick a winner from November. As soon as I try all the recipes I promise a winner will be announced.

However, I am excited about the recipe possibilities for the month of December.
 This month I would just love to see your favorite recipe you serve as a side dish during the holidays. Possibly one you whip up for your family or for your neighborhood party. Be creative and have fun. After all, it is the holiday season!

Remember, as the winner of the contest, you will receive dinner for two at the Farmhouse and your recipe will be featured on my blog and as part of the menu at the restaurant.
I will be accepting new recipes until December 30th so keep them coming!

Click onto “my email” to send your recipe.

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