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Southern Women are great cooks

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My mom, Margaret Lupo was invited to be a guest on Nathalie Dupree’s cooking show when she was here in Georgia and doing her show, New Southern Cooking for Georgia PBS.
Mom went on the show to cook fried okra which was a specialty at Mary Mac’s so mom demonstrated in a cast iron skillet how to make corn meal crusted fried okra, a major southern delicacy.
While on the show mom told one of her favorite stories from her days at Mary Mac’s which was in the late 70’s when she had a streaker run through the entire restaurant.

One of the elderly female patrons who was dining in the restaurant, upon seeing the streaker, didn’t hesitate to blurt out a very revealing comment which mom told on live television!

 After sharing the story on her show, Nathalie received more mail about the streaker story episode than any of her other 300 episodes. It was and still is a well loved episode of Nathalie’s show. In fact, just last week at the Serenbe Inn we had a conference with Chick Fil-A and one of the executives who was attending related to me that was the one show he had seen and recalled  just how funny and charming it was. His favorite memory was how watching  two icon southern cooks was a great treat.
For more information on spending 2 days with Nathalie when she teaches in Serenbe, click here!
From Nathalie’s book here is a copy of my mom’s fried okra. To see the full recipe, click onto arrow on the right side of the box.

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