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September 2009



The Beauty of Lodge Cast Iron skillets

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When setting up a kitchen for the first time or even if your kitchen is complete, I believe everyone should have a black cast iron skillet and I love Lodge skillets. I love them because they are pre-seasoned!
It used to be that you had to work for days just to get your skillet perfectly seasoned. A cast iron skillet is a coveted item in everyone’s kitchen.
Some people even collect old Lodge cast iron skillets and I know many who have fought over their mom’s or grandmother’s old skillets!
In a Southern kitchen I really consider it to be a priceless item.
“The beauty, which I told Quinn, is that they are multifunctional. You can scramble an egg, caramelize onions and use it for a casserole dish. That to me is one of the beauties of a Lodge black cast iron skillet.”

So while in Boulder we found one at Target and I was so excited and I showed Quinn how to make my black bean casserole. It’s simple and everyone loves it. 

And there is nothing better than cooking together with your daughter having a lovely night together!


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