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August 2009



Southern Chef Series with Natalie Dupree

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We have updated some of our original dates for our Southern Chef Series with Natalie Dupree.

Our new schedule is Sunday, October 11- Monday, October 12.
Natalie will be teaching “mastering the art of southern cooking” to a group of 10 guests. Days will be spent with Nathalie both cooking, learning her favorite recipes and hearing her wonderful stories of her many cooking adventures. 
 The chef series features Sunday and Monday afternoon cooking with Nathalie, lunch and dinner including wine and a one night stay at the Serenbe inn for each guest will be $295.
Please call the Serenbe inn at 770.463.2610 for more information and reservations.
We are very fortunate to have this opportunity to share Nathalie with 10 lucky guests! Please don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. This will be a wonderful event to plan with your friends for a lovely little get-a-way.
As a personal friend, stay tuned to my blog for some memories and stories I have of Nathalie and her history with my mom.

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